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Topic: Taking over new territory

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Posted at: 2022-02-11, 15:56

Hi all,

I am very new to Widelands and am enjoying it very much. One question I have is about taking over territory. AFAICS, the only way is by building towers, etc, but what about "mountainous" territory - you cannot build towers on that? In Settlers we just sent out diggers to claim new lands, but there don't seem to be any in Widelands?

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Posted at: 2022-02-11, 18:23

hi Lazzah,
Welcome to our forums. You are right, conquering land is only possible by building or conquering miltiray buildings. As the teritory conquered depends on the size of the military building it is recommendable to build a big building (fortress or castel) near mountains to comquer as much of them as possible.
This is the concept used in Settlers 2 as well where there hadn't been any diggers neither.

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