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Topic: MacOS: Unable to launch Apple Silicon app, issue with code signing?

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Posted at: 2022-01-21, 21:18

Launching the latest version of the Apple Silicon app on MacOS 12.1 (after moving the app package to Applications) presents error popup - "Widelands is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.".

System Security & Privacy settings are set to allow App Store and identified developers. Even for unsigned apps an exception should be able to be given to launch the app but in this case macOS doesn't present that option either when launching the app.

Inspecting the app from Terminal after encountering the error above the package still has it's quarantine xattr set:

% xattr /Applications/                  

With the quarantine attribute, macOS will try to verify the package signing on launch. To workaround and remove this check you can manually remove this attribute:

% xattr -r -d /Applications/

Now the app will launch - hope this helps someone!

For devs: the issue appears to originate from an issue with code signing, perhaps something is misconfigured which is causing macOS to fail to determine if the app is signed or not resulting in it concluding the app is corrupt instead?

% spctl --assess /Applications/ 
/Applications/ code has no resources but signature indicates they must be present

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Just found this site
Posted at: 2022-08-13, 19:54

Had the same issue on the Macbook Air M2 and this solved it. Thanks hhuge!

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