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Topic: for New Players

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For new Players:

Here you can find some Motivation to start to play widelands, by watching 1v1 on youtube:

You can try everthing in the Game face-smile.png and if you have questions you can watch Tuturials like this which will also let you deeper in the Game & all possible Strategies - which are almost infinte

You can continue to watch our world championsships or ask per private message to play a real 1 versus 1 in the multiplayer. You can write a private message and for me i can say i promise to always be playing a game, even for new or medium players.

For the Development Team:

What do we wish? like growing widelands or let it more at the Status Quo - i just want to know, because i can start to recruit many new players from similar strategy games which are very interested in widelands. Also these are often programmers or students so they will also leave a lot of knowledge and benefit for widelands

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Thanks for the videos/tutorials

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