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Topic: Soldier level matrix is overloaded / bad performance in warehouse gui.

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Posted at: 2021-06-29, 19:01

My people, the Europeans, have a total of 625 soldier levels (1 basic level and 4 training levels each in health, attack, defense and evasion). This leads to a very, very confusing matrix. The actual page can only represent around 256 (16x16) levels.

It would be nice to either make the matrix scrollable or, better yet, to establish several tab pages. Only 144 (12x12) levels per register page.

In addition, addon developers should perhaps be warned against using too many training levels. When I was still working with 6x6x6x6, i.e. 1296 in total, the loading of the menu for ports and warehouses took up to 4 seconds. Now it is still just under 2 seconds with 5x5x5x5 (625).

I am currently considering reducing it to 4x4x4x4 (256).

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