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Topic: Undo place building

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Posted at: 2010-06-26, 17:50


First off - great game face-smile.png I loved settlers II and this is a fantastic progression face-smile.png

I've been reading through the improvement suggestions with interest (while waiting for stuff to build) and here's one I just thought of: After placing a building it would be helpful to have a quickly accessible cancel button.

So many times I click the wrong building or in slightly the wrong place and then to delete it you have to 1) click on the flag to cancel to the road, 2)click on the building (or its flag) and 3) delete the building only then can you place the correct building.

If a small window appeared in the corner after placing a building. it could be just one click to remove the building and its flag (and place the mouse back at the build location) The window would automatically disappear when you complete or cancel the road

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Posted at: 2010-08-09, 20:42

You mean that the game need to show the progress for individual buildings?? Hmm yes it will be more easier then to track and manage buildings

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