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Topic: Ideas for Creating and Redo of old Maps

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Posted at: 2021-06-14, 11:14

Creating Maps, not on the aesthetics, but on the side of gameplay faces a lot of challegenges:

Everyone who creates maps should check these pioints in a view of an experienced playtester:

  • How are ressources played? Is gold everywhere? Why? Do players maybe even have gold at the start and donjt need it?

In my experience, there is a lot of ways, the best one: you find coal easily, after your 2nd barrack, you have a clue where iron is and find it soon. I really do hope gold is not everywhere as it becomes pointless in some maps to even "find" gold. Gold should be maximal at two spots at the map - but never more as there are players. Maybe one large spot exactly in the middle of the map where both can fight over it.

The last step is granite for a long game. There can be little granite at the start, especially imperium to start with but there should one place on the other side like gold where there are high granite volumenes, so if the game tends to be longer this is a area you want to settle. For more Ideas, collecting and gameplay advice & strategical overthinking visit one of worlds experience playtester the-x channel: or write me a message

  • Different Strategies, like a 3 dimensional map, you can decide what tactics you play and in the next game you can play a completely different one

  • Connecting your own territory to make kind of a stronger defense and pro medium player balanced gameplay by connecting your own territory over the lenght - or width of the map first

  • Size of the map is accurate to the time players want to spend playing multiplayer

--> extremly large maps dont finish

(at an evening, or need to save and have the same amount of players the next day)

  • dont spam animals, since fishing is a lot slower process and makes it unnecessary to even place any fish on the map or makes the strategical importance of river and waters to zero

If you play a lot you dont want maps that allow only one path. For example Economy shows you a lot of different path and if you know your enemy you can accelearte your knowlegde

More Ideas welcomed :- )

Maps that faces a lot of deep gameplay but need an overdo in graphics:

Maps that escpecially on the Ressource side aspect need an overdo

  • Cycles

  • Nile

  • Ice Wars

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