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Topic: populating mine workers

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Posted at: 2010-06-25, 05:57

I'm playing what I believe is the nightly builds (Ubuntu PPA); not sure exactly which version, but I believe this applies to all post-build-15 builds.

I have a world that is relatively low on mineable resources (coal, iron, gold, granite), so I wind up with a small handfull of Master Miners. All well and good, however, once I get to the point where I've exhausted the first few mines, I have only Master Miners. When I get to construct another batch of mines, it seems that as I deepen the mine, I get Master Miners filling the Miner slot, and running out of Master Miners, there's no Master Miner available to fill the top slot in a "Deeper Mine" -- even though there are 2 other Master Miners taking the roles of "Chief Miner" and "Miner".

So, I think the way Deep/Deeper Mines should be populated is to pick the highest role a person is qualified for, so when one is low on all Miners, a new one can be created to fill the most junior role.

Does that make sense?

If there's a slot for a Master Miner and there's a Master Miner available, he fills that role. If there's a slot for a Chief Miner, and there are no Chief Miners available, but there are Master Miners available, let a Master Miner fill that slot. If there remains a slot for a Miner, and there are no Master Miners, nor Chief Miners, try to recruit a Miner from the Carriers if there is a pickaxe available. (I think I got those requirements correct.)

Does that make better sense?

Still loving the game, but trying to make it better....


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Posted at: 2010-06-26, 19:21

What you're describing is a well-known long-standing problem. Believe me, as soon as somebody comes forward with a clean fix it'll be added, it's just that seemingly other issues have occupied us more...

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Posted at: 2010-09-21, 06:54

why not just make them evictable like soldiers?

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Posted at: 2010-09-21, 10:26

that's precisely what is planned. this is not trivial for technical reasons. a patch is appreciated.

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