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Topic: 'Release stored ware from (production)building' button

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Posted at: 2010-06-23, 00:55

Hi all!

I think it would be nice to be able to release wares from a fully storing but not producing building in order to make them being further used in the economy. Especially For newbies (like me) this wouldnt be bad because they often got problems with non-producing buildings. It could simply be realized by clicking on the ware to be released itself in the building's window. I had this idea once i made the classical noobmistake: I upgraded my metalwork shop up to a warmill far too early. So i had to burn it down (later, when i realized it didnt work) with all the beautiful coal, iron and gold in it... Btw, does the 'stop' button also stop the storing of wares of a building? If not it could maybe be added (as a special button?).

PS: I really love this game since i loved settlers II too. Youre doing a gread work everyone, so keep it up! Cant wait for the next build to be released face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2010-06-26, 19:19

The stop button should stop storing also, and in fact the best way to implement your wish is probably to just let stopped buildings slowly evacuate their stored wares. This way, you get less UI elements for better functionality.

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