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Topic: Roads an Carriers

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Hello Happy Goods Carriers, I know, normally it's "Happy Tax Payers" but.. face-wink.png

In I don't remember which Help or Tutorial or other Encyclopedia I read something like: When building roads pay attention to the color of the symbols, green yellow or red, which indicate the slope of the terrain.
I therefore deduce that the Carriers do not move at the same speed on all terrains.

Question: When two roads, the first short but rough and the second, longer but flat, connect two same points, all things equal otherwise, in the case of goods transport, does the system choose the shorter in terms of length or in terms of transport speed?

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It's in the 1st tutorial, and it applies to literally every object that can move – carriers, other workers, animals, ships. If I remember correctly, the road network pathfinding algorithm uses the walking time between two nodes and not their grid distance to make decisions, but the algorithm is very complex and rarely modified

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