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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2021-04-17, 15:42

I recently signed in on transifex using my Github account and had no problems with any price wall. As tothxa pointed out, it is free for open source projects. So if you simply join the Widelands project, no payment should be needed, and for the registration also no payment information is required. Maybe a hint on the Wiki should clarify that it a free account is sufiicient.

From the FAQ on

What are the basic requirements to qualify as an Open Source account? We are proud and humbled to be hosting the largest Open Source translation community in the world. We offer Transifex for free to Open Source projects that have no funding, revenue, and/or commercialization model. If you have a question whether your organization qualifies for our Open Source program, please contact us.

The pricing seems to be related to the creation of new project and not the work on existing ones.

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Posted at: 2021-04-17, 17:15

Indeed it seems to work. face-smile.png

I had not tried with my GitHub account.

I will be updating very soon.

One thing concerns me, however, Transifex was able very easily to find under which nickname I had cloned the widelands project and thus offer me membership in this project with them. The strangest thing is that to get this information it sent a request to facebook, although I have never opened an account on this supposedly social network.

Has Facebook become Big Brother?

But this is another story, as said R. Kipling, and it is not the place for such a discussion. Just a feeling.

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