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Topic: New-style view packet?

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Posted at: 2021-02-01, 13:50

I see this warning much often:

WARNING: New-style view packet not found. There may be strange effects regarding unseen areas.
  • What is triggering this warning? I guess it comes from maps saved with an old widelands version?
  • What strange effects can happen?
  • IMHO this warning should not be displayed for all shipped maps, so what to do to get rid of this warning?

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Posted at: 2021-02-01, 14:42

The warning is triggered during loading an older saved game. If the packet is not present, areas that should be half-seen will be deemed unexplored, and any additional vision grants or restrictions by scripting (e.g. the removal of the fog in Fogless games, and also vision effects in scenarios) will be discarded. As starting a new game is also technically a kind of game-loading the packet is expected to be present when loading. It is not created automatically when saving a map in the editor though. It would be best if we could distinguish whether we're loading a "real" savegame or "just" a map, and display the warning only in the first case, though I think this would not be trivial. The warning can not just be removed though, as then anyone who loads a legacy game with vision effects may report as "bugs" what is to be expected…

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