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Topic: Map Revisions v1.0

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A very nice map of mine is African Savana. There is not such an official map now. For 3 players very open, contact game and I tried to make it balanced as much as I could. It is also a little bit challenging as the coal is almost missing. There were not many lakes, so I have changed it. The new version is attached. It can be played also with Atlanteans or Amazons now. I did few test games with normal AI. Blue position seems to be the weakest for Frisians, Empire and Amazons. But it is a lot about tactics and real players can have different results. I am not able to test this properly. Amazons are incredibly strong on this map. They can easily beat all tribes even in a game 1 v 2 and Empire, Atlanteans and Barbarians even from their weakest blue position. I tried to play one game with Amazons on another map on my own. And I also did pretty well and I am still not familiar with this tribe, so I think that this tribe is really much stronger than others. The test games of Frisians and Amazons are usually very quick but in case of Barbarians and Empire you have to wait quite a lot for a winner. Anyway, it is up to you whether this map will be OK as official one. Maybe it doesn’t meet any criteria I don’t see. And already now there are many official maps to choose from. Atoll, Calvisson and Kings and Queens were always my favourite. Some of my other maps may also be fine for beginners and all should be balanced, so you can take them or change them, if you like.

African Savana (76.1 KB)

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