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Topic: Road laying

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Posted at: 2020-10-21, 02:04

I just discovered there is a third way to lay roads. You can use the totally automatic ultra fast CTRL click on destination. You can do it hex by hex following the coloured bars. Or you can lay it in stages! Click on a intermediate point you want the road to pass through (like a pass between mountains on the Europe map for Italy) and then again on the next, etc. WOW! The best of both methods. Fast yet you have some control over where it goes.

This should be a TIP for new players.

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Posted at: 2020-10-21, 06:21

It's in the basic control tutorial. I did not remember the Ctrl key though after playing that for the first time.

I definitely plan to teach that stuff with the new training wheels feature too, and while I create those, I'll add information to the encyclopedia too.

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