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Topic: What do the % mean?

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Posted at: 2020-10-19, 23:54

I've played a while and just assumed that more is better as I'm sure it is, but what actually do the numbers mean? % of time producing? I've noticed them more now that in B21 they are not rounded to the nearest 5 anymore (I'm guessing that's what used to be in B19).

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Posted at: 2020-10-20, 02:40

In older versions it just counted the percentage of successful attempts out of the last 20, hence the 5% granularity.

Now it's a time-based function and it's hard to explain how it works face-tongue.png It's more indicative of the building's most recent performance, but slows down falling or rising as it gets close to the extremes (0% or 100%).

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