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Topic: Frisian swords

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Posted at: 2020-10-16, 03:49

I've been playing with the new tribe a bit now on Ancient Sun of Fire map. Epic contest so far.

What I noticed when studying the attack upgrades and the weapons the frisians use is that it is mostly quite logical. Short swords for the raw recruits and then Long and Broad swords. But the "Double Edged Sword" sticks out like a sore thumb (beaten by a blacksmith's hammer? ; ) ) since all the other swords are straight swords and thus double edged. Scimitars, Cutlasses, Sabres, Falchions, etc. are curved and neccesarily single edged. This does not make them less effcicient though as the curve has benefits.

My suggestion is to rename the double edged sword (which is not a historical type like the others but rather a description of a class of swords) to Bastard Sword. This is perfect because the bastard sword is traditionally the next level up from the broad and one level below the ultimate Two handed sword. It is perfect for this reason though to do with the frisian's unique dual wielding style. The bastard sword is a sword that can be wielded one or two handed! So a level 3 frisian uses his single bastard sword with two hands while the herculean level 6 frisian wields a bastard sword in each mighty hand!

Realism note: It is not actually possible to wield two long/broad/bastard swords unless one was the size of a giant. In real life the off hand weapon is normally a dagger or main gauche (french for left hand as you probably know). But WL seems to have some fantasy elements (Atlantis?) so why not. : )

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Posted at: 2020-10-16, 04:41

Like it ; D we just talk about balancing all the swords to make it fitting into gameplay & balance and you open a whole thread talking about the name of the frisian swords

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Posted at: 2020-10-16, 09:42

I'd not be opposed to the renaming. For changing the off-hand weapon, we'll have to look at weapon costs.

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Posted at: 2020-10-16, 10:06

GunChleoc wrote:

I'd not be opposed to the renaming.

me neither however this might break savegames / needs compat code.

For changing the off-hand weapon, we'll have to look at weapon costs.

-1 for changing anything there as we have 3 swords for 1 hand and then start to equip the other hand with the same swords.

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