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Topic: Giving away raw materials / goods.

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Posted at: 2020-09-12, 12:58

When I was playing against several AIs, I got a good idea of what could be built into the game. How about if you could give raw materials and goods to a teammate or computer opponent? The idea came from OpenTTD, where it is possible to give money to a competitor in multiplayer.

You can use this strategically in Widelands. For example, if you play against a strong AI that has pushed other AI players to the wall, you could give the weaker AI players raw materials so that they can rebuild their lost buildings and thus distract the big AI opponent. Or you can just use it in an endless game to balance the strength of the players and keep the game open. Or if an AI player gets stuck and is missing a certain good to be able to continue building, you can simply give him a few pieces.

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Posted at: 2020-09-12, 17:03

AFAIK, the developers are already working on a trade feature. So the giveaway could be just a particularly one-sided trade deal.

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Posted at: 2020-09-12, 18:17

Yes, it's under development (not being actively worked on currently though) so this will be just a particular kind of trade.

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Posted at: 2020-09-12, 18:41

PkK wrote:

So the giveaway could be just a particularly one-sided trade deal.


So no need for an additional "giving feature"

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