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Topic: More economic?

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JanO wrote:

Can we nerf or buff tribes with some extra wares in the starting conditions based on map characteristics dynamically? We would need to generate a meaningful value for 'early contact' vs 'late contact', either by a (complicated?) algorithm or by giving it to each map manually. Based on this number, barbarians and frisians (or whoever) get a little extra building materials in the starting conditions (or not).

Just an idea, because all this early and late contact balancing discussion runs in circles for... how many years now?

-1 too complicated imho

king_of_nowhere wrote:

furthermore, worldsavior has shown he can win any map with any tribe, meaning that hessenfarmer made a big overstatement and balance is closer than I myself would credit.

But could I also win against myself with any tribe?

I think that you and the-x would be capable of playing the strong atlantean level-5-soldier rush like I do. So it would be interesting to see if you play this against me on crater when I take the other tribes, wouldn't it?

king_of_nowhere wrote:

so you would change radically the economy setup just to make the tribes unbalanced? i strongly disagree

+1 (+1 for -1 means -1 )

Nordfriese wrote:

Initially building such an economy is complex, but once it's established it's almost impossible to consume building materials faster than you can produce them. (unless you play with ten clicks per second at 0.25× speed.)

I would be interested at reaching such a point, as I never reached it at that speed.

You only really need a bunch of woodcutters and foresters, quarries, wells, reed farms, some clay pits, brick kilns, and charcoal kilns – and you can produce all building materials.

I disagree, that's very far away from the limit which you mentioned above.

Later it's helpful to have one or two mines of each type, a tavern or two, a smokery and a fisher or hunter to sustain them, a furnace and blacksmith, and perhaps a reindeer farm and a farm or two. This is quite enough even for large maps because the outputs are not needed in large quantities. And perhaps a weaving mill and shipyard – and that's it. Complex to set up, but once you have it, it is trivial because it does not need to grow at nearly the same rate as your territory.

I disagree

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