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Topic: Making wild animals reproducible

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Posted at: 2020-07-31, 16:36

I also experienced a runaway animal population on Astoria. Even with 6 hunters, the map was still teeming with them.

How about increasing the chance to die when the map becomes too full of animals? This might be also weighted by the original number of animals on the map.

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Posted at: 2020-08-01, 15:40

This feature also begs the question: If land animals can move and reproduce, why not fish?

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Posted at: 2020-09-01, 07:41

Hello , I am new and actualy i probably am talking before my turn if i say "game of life" which is a computer routine which has an algoritm for 'life' I did not read all 8 pages of this thread, sorry, but before i entered this forum this feature was in my mind to request and see, other people have the same line of idea.


for a balanced ecosystem , which is in fact the request in this thread, such an algoritm will do very wel if you maintain it wel and make it complex enough by it self. It will need carnivora and their game. animals need a life span like trees, but they should die aswell to give place for a new life. Does that involve time and thus seasons?

if you start with 100 deers and 3 or 5 wolves and grass land against sand and rocks, what will happen? maybe a little forest as save birth spot for the deers. once removed by a woodcutter that spot disaperas and a wildbreeder wil be needed. so the ecosystem is a balance for its self and once the human interfears it will change, as usual ... i dont program in c but some in z80 asm source but i think this is how i would aproach it. cheers

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