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Topic: Adding "play now" option in the sheduling module

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Posted at: 2020-01-28, 21:22

As I have less and less time because of studies, I have trouble tackling a big project like the rating system. I thus try to fix small bugs and feature. To keep in shape :P.

Anyway, I'm copy/pasting this bug from github, because I think everyone could have an opinion on that:

Currently very few people take the time to use the scheduling module as intended. People still take the habit to go on the online game, see nobody's around, and just leave after a few minutes.

We should have a quick option on the website for people that want to play NOW.

  • In the scheduling module or more directly on the website (current place of the scheduling link), add a "play now" button
  • On click list of current player available in the next 12 hours
  • Possibility to say I want to play in the next x hours
  • Add a "currently x players waiting" display. Somewhere always visible, to motivate players


Edited: 2020-01-28, 21:23

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