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Topic: Unable to build - boost errors

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Posted at: 2019-11-13, 23:45

jmoerschbach wrote:

Did you downgrade boot as mentioned in step 5? I'm on windows using msys with no problems at all following closely all the steps provided in https://www.widelands.org/wiki/BuildingWidelandsUnderWindowsNew/

sorry to say that but this wiki is somewhat outdated as Boost on MSYS 2 is at version 1.71 as well. Thatis why we use the cmake option I gave above. Problem is that MSYS is updating so fast it is hard to keep track in the wiki. Maybe I'll find some time to update it in a couple of days.
However the problem described by tribal-chief was clearly indicated to happen on archlinux which is working fine for kaputtnik which in turn is strange. Anyway I understood the cmake option worked for tribal-chief so this shouldn't be of any urgency anymore.

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