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Topic: Playing with no opponents: the difficulties of mastering reforestation and pretending to be environmentally-responsible

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When setting up a game you can deselect your opponents checkbox; this is useful for giving yourself unimpeded access to practice rebuilding the forests you have cut down for resource as you dismantle and rebuild your lumberjack huts. It doesn't sound like a big deal but it will be when playing against experienced opponents who can manage their forests you'll find yourself at a loss for woods late in the game.

  1. Don't put the foresters near a lumberjack hut.

Pay attention to the 'show workarea/hide work area button' and the area it reveals; don't waste a forester huts energies in the aegis of a lumberjack hut.

  1. Pair or trio the foresters.

This compounds the small area that they would affect alone; you grow more trees when they're closer together, refilling the forests you felled daster.3. Dismantle when satisfied

When you've cut down 80% or more of the trees around a lumberjack hut dismantle it and replace it elsewhere. When you've put the area around the former lumberjack hut with foresters it will take a while but eventually you'll have a new forest, and you can dismantle the foresters for the space to make a lumberjack hut.

Don't leave them working side by side, rotate them.

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