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Topic: acessibility

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2019-10-06, 12:02

Hi everyone,

Yesterday we played a couple of games with a friend of mine who can only control their computer with an eye tracking installation. Widelands is a really nice game for them because they can keep up the pace (it's not starcraft 2 apm!) and it's a much, much better game than most compter/cell phone mini games that they usually can play.

A couple of things would have made their life easier, that I want to share here : - the need for right clic usage makes it more complicated. to navigate the map, they used the mini map, but a file on each side of the screen would have been much easier. - still right clic : closing different menus. - hovering the mouse : the names of the buildings on the building menu. You usually get it by hovering the mouse over. That was also shitty for them, it would have been much much easier if the names were directly written on them and I guess construction costs as well. (that may imply having to make the menu biger) - still hovering : production status of buildings "skipped producing ... because the economy doesn't need it" or "... because ??? is missing" could be added to the building menu (for instance right under the ressources in the building) - the speed up/down is also non ideal.

Those are the biggest points I think, i wanted to give them as suggestions. Generally speaking, Widelands is a game that is quite interesting for people with handicap because it's a slow paced interesting game, and I think an "acessibility mode" would be a great idea!

Wonderfull day everyone,


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Posted at: 2020-02-21, 21:52

Thanks for your ideas - I have opened an issue so they won't get lost:

Busy indexing nil values

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