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Topic: Adjacent mines?

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Posted at: 2019-05-24, 23:24

I've just done that in a game and am wondering what's gonna happen. Both are in range of iron and coal and I built one of each. Will it hurt in the long run? (Atlanteans btw) It's a small map and I was in a rush to get some mines done w/o re-geologisting instead used the results of the old surveys (first survey is recorded in news along with location so I plopped the mines where the first iron and coal respectively were found).

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Posted at: 2019-05-25, 02:02

won't really be a problem. atlantean mines will keep going for hours and hours because of their great range. if you places them incorrectly, maybe you'll need a couple more of them to cover the whoel mountain. By the time you'll want to cover the whole mountain, though, the price of a single mine will be negligible.

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Posted at: 2019-05-25, 07:17

Iron mine will not diminish in-range coal resources, and will therefore not harm the coal mine.

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