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Topic: Make Frisian buildings smaller

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Posted at: 2019-09-18, 10:30

All you need to do is export your images at the 4 resolutions that the engine supports and add them as you have always done

This is exactly the reason why I´m not keen to do it like this. I have all renders at very high resolution directly available, but to reexport them at exactly the scales your program requires, I´d have to rerender every. single. blender file. four times. Ugh.

Add to that that my development machine is having network problems again so I can´t even download your branch to test it currently.

On the other hand, it took me less than an hour to gather my five graphics-export tools into one pipeline that easily creates spritesheeted mipmaps in a fully automatable workflow. Using this instead will save me many many hours of rerendering hundreds of animations.

You could also tun utils/ on the spritesheets before committing to make the repository size even smaller.

OK, will do that

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Posted at: 2019-09-18, 11:26

If the resolution of the original is high enough and the renders are already done, sure, go ahead and use your personal tools face-smile.png

It would greatly help already if you could do a code review without testing. Somebody else can do the testing part.

You could also commit the new renders as file animations and I can then take care of creating sprite sheets off them. This way, you won't need to write a second tool that does the exact same job as the tool that I just wrote. You should hold off on doing all this work though until we have merged the branch, because it would be a waste of your time.

Busy indexing nil values

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Make Frisian buildings great again!

Jokes aside, how about ctrl-space to make buildings disappear or transparent? My idea being, Frisian buildings can stay nice and tall as they should be, while there is a possibility to look behind/through them.

It's my opinion, plus I don't share it.

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