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Topic: Does this site have a clear place to download the game?

Joined: 2018-11-23, 21:36
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Just found this site
Posted at: 2018-11-23, 22:01

I am trying to download a 32bit version of this game and it keeps giving me 64bit version no matter where i go! The page set-up is terrible! Is this game only for 64bit? I'm looking for a clear readable place that is marked as to what im downloading i am able to use an outside source but the build is 13 and the one i want is current build19 can anyone help? UPDATE: Never mind i found a torrent that will give me the current build but the link for appveyor the 32bit link dont work! i ended up downloading widelands 19-src files 170mb it was the game thats for sure! Wow this site needs to be fixed! for all 32bit users to save yourself aggravation dont bother with anything on the download site other than the torrent it seems to be the ONLY place to get a working copy of this game!

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Posted at: 2018-11-24, 08:28

Welcome to the forum, and please try to calm down - this is only a computer game, and we can help you face-wink.png

We stopped supporting 32 bit builds officially, because it was too much work for our volunteer Windows packager to maintain 2 build environments.

So, you will have to get a current unofficial development build for 32 bit builds off AppVeyor - you can find a link in our downloads section. We are approaching a new release, so development builds should be pretty stable.

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