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Topic: translation to german


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Posted at: 2010-04-09, 14:43

I don't know what kind of language you are trying to include in widelands but a "gebe zurück" as a translation for "return" is not a good german.

An example: "Gebe die Werte zurück" sounds so ugly. It's "Gib die Werte zurück"

I just hope that not all my translations are lost. face-sad.png Currently I'm unable to find my ones.

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Posted at: 2010-04-09, 14:56

It is a wiki like thing. Just correct the ones you don't like on launchpad and be done with it. Some of your translations might have got replaced, some might have been invalidated as the translated string changed slightly. Frankly, there is enough to do in translations: comma fixes, style and language could be improved.

Otoh, I do not have a strong opinion which one is more ugly or less ugly.

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