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Topic: Widelands Pandora Port


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Posted at: 2009-03-18, 18:40

hey guys!

i'm writing you as a member of the gp2x-community to call your attention to the (open) pandora. that's - basically said - an open source handheld system and a very interesting alternative to commercial handhelds like the nintendo ds or the sony psp. it works with a linux based operation system, called ångström, so ports from linux using open source games are possible and not so difficult to realize. for examble the well known open source linux strategy game "battle for wesnoth" has already been ported, but also the more complex 3d games quake 1, 2 and even 3 (no joke!) are running with fullspeed! therefore i'm hoping to spark your interest in this handheld and perhaps in writing a port of "widelands" for it! face-wink.png that would be awesome!

ps: the pandora hasn't released yet, but it will be in one or two months. for more information about the system and its specifcations check the website:

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Posted at: 2009-03-19, 11:01

Hello knotenpunkt,

first of all nice to hear that there is interest in our game :)!

Now the only point is - as you write that the openpandaro is running linux - whether the programming libraries (like libSDL, boost, ...) used by widelands are already available for ångström. If not, as far as I can see, the only work you need to put into the "port" would be to compile those libraries for the open pandora. But even this shouldn't be that hard as Wesnoth and Widelands are using basically the same libraries. face-smile.png - so perhaps one or two libraries left to compile.


  • Widelands is running fine on linux

  • in our current development version the screen resolutions are set dynamically so it shouldn't be a problem to run it on 800X480

so actually the port seems to be done already - nothing do do for us over here face-smile.png

But as you saied Wesnoth was already ported, it seems as if there are already some "test open pandora"s if yes, perhaps one of those tester could try to get Widelands running. face-smile.png

I am really looking forward to hear whether everything works.

Cheers Nasenbaer

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I might add that widelands puts significantly more weight on the CPU than wesnoth; so even if it compiles, it might be quite slow. It's worth checking out, though.


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