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Topic: Permanent IDs for internet players

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Posted at: 2017-09-21, 22:24

Okay, after some considerations, it gets complicated. At least, more than it was before. The new design is:

  • Try to login with name and uuid

  • If the name is not in use take it. Done

  • If it is another uuid, add a number. Done

  • Since name is already present and uuid is the same: do a ping (i.e. test old connection)

  • If ping fails, replace the old connection. Done

  • If ping succeeds, append a number to the name. Done

Due to the ping the reconnect will be a bit slower than with the old design but that doesn't really matters (Half a second? A second? Should be fine). Am I missing something?

(A possible alternative: Display a "Do you want to replace ...?" when the uuid is in use.)

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Posted at: 2017-09-23, 01:22

It seems to be ok now. You cover 99% of cases :). There is 1% of unknown for me face-tongue.png .

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