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Topic: Who was nasenbaer

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Posted at: 2017-09-16, 12:45

I've been wondering for a while. Many official maps were made by him, and he also left contributions here and there. He played the 2010 and 2013 tournaments, but when i joined the community in 2015 he was already gone. He's an important part of widelands history, and I would like to hear some story from the old times

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Posted at: 2017-09-16, 13:28

As far as I know he was a major dev for some time. He was important in building the atlatean tribe I believe.

For me personnally, he was very important, because he's the one that motivated me in making some graphics. face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2017-09-20, 10:06

Nasenbär (Peter) was a major dev and co-lead of Widelands from 2005 (first commit) till 2015 (last commit to date). He worked on many parts of Widelands - he designed the atlanteans, worked on the Empire and Atlanteans campaign, designed many maps and mulitplayer scenarios. He also protoyped and implemented many vital features: internet play, the scout, seafaring, autosave, translatability, some win conditions (e.g. wood gnome), editor features - to just name a few. He was vital to get Widelands to where it is today, but after university and in a challenging day job, he ran out of time for Widelands. He still checks in periodically though.

You can see him (and me, my (now) wife Kristin and many more) in this 2010 WiHack diary post. In the last image you see me holding my laptop with Chuck Wilder dialing in from the US and Nasenbär in the background. Chuck was a long serving elder of graphics who made essentially all building graphics for Widelands.

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Posted at: 2017-09-20, 21:36

If you still have contact with him and he looks around sometimes I really would appreciate his opinion about the new empire campaign missions and their storyline.

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Posted at: 2017-09-20, 22:02

You can send him a PM. With luck he has time and answers. face-smile.png

His profile (if you didn’t find it already): Nasenbaer

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