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Topic: Timing a Lumberjack.

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Out of curiosity for the average turnaround time for the lumberjack I created a special map with an init.lua to set up a single barbarian tribe with nothing but a headquarters, a Lumberjack with trees as far as his reach and a road between the two, and timed how long it would take for him to clear the area. It took 3:44:55 game time from start of the game to his final return home, during which time 206 logs were harvested.

That means 13495 seconds/206 logs = 66 secs/log.

Is that a definitive answer? No, since trees age and sometimes disappear, and since the lumberjack is lazy, he goes for one of the nearest eligible trees first, meaning the trees in the outer ring have had more chance to evaporate. Secondly, in a real game, lumberjacks are supported by rangers planting the trees, and they do not plant all over his chopping range, but in a smaller range of their own. Still, it is a useful number, if your desperate for one.

The final save of the "game" I've uploaded here

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Maybe this will help you:

It's a bit old, but can be useful face-smile.png

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