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Topic: B19 -1362 not working

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Posted at: 2016-11-16, 17:19

Vassili wrote:


About the "bad thing like viruses", i have clean alot of computers of people, using differents Windows, it's not a problem who is OS related... PEBKAC

I am a gamer, so i use the best gamer OS: Windows XP


And: I pity those people. Ever thought of the fact that you are not omniscient?

Note to myself: Never, ever again let you drag into a discussion with Vassili from now on. Just ignore those posts. Better for my blood pressure.

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Posted at: 2016-11-18, 18:33

Me too encountered this problem, like in the screenshot:

Sad to see that this won't be developed for Windows XP anymore. Lots of players still use Windows XP though. I hope someone makes this playable for this old OS one day.

So long Widelands! I'm gonna miss you. face-sad.png

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Posted at: 2016-11-18, 19:02

There comes a point where every piece of software needs do make a decision whether to implement new features (in our case, faster graphics, zoom, possibility of future tablet support, and cleaner code) or not to go forward with it in order to still support old systems. From the project's history, we once supported Amiga too... I hope you still continue to enjoy Build 18 though.

We are not the only game making this decision, so you can expect fewer modern computer games working on Windows XP in the future.

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Busy indexing nil values

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