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Topic: French forum unavailable from

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Posted at: 2016-09-02, 19:16

After thinking about this over the day, i think we should leave it as it is. The Reason is quite simple: Since there is no possibility to allow only specific websites (f.e. to display the forum in an iframe, we have no control about possible other websites doing it.

Vassili: Isn't it possible to use the Feeds for this? Latest posts feed on french forum, Latest Topics feed on french forum Don't know if clickjacking protection is used here also... if it is used we could disable it for the feeds (which should be safe, imho).

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Posted at: 2016-09-02, 19:24

The goal was to get french speaking people, to your already existing forum. Not to show an RSS.

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Posted at: 2016-09-07, 04:09

Could I ask first what is clickjacking? The way I'm understanding it, but I'm not a webdev, is that it is a protection for websites with ads, to avoid bots, and widelands does not have any. So, does it have any interest in's case?

The most important thing I know about code, which is as important in all categories (system, web, game, etc) is that 1 line of code is always a pain and a danger when it is not useful (I have some system coder xp, for what it is worth). So, even if I do understand the use of frameworks, I am against the use of default options when they are not understood. The few things I know about security include that something not understood is more dangerous than something which is.

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Posted at: 2016-09-07, 06:27

Clickjacking is also about ownership and transparency and clarity for the user: an iframe on another site that embeds the Widelands website sends the message that the content displayed belongs to the other site, not Is that a problem? It could be - what if the embedding site contains content that does not agree with or does not want to be involved with (e.g. politics, religion). Also iframes might break functionality due to POSTs not working as expected (same origin policy). Interesting stack overflow discussion.

In this particular case, about, I think linking is the correct choice and iframes are not, because you require an account on to post in the forums, but do not require a account for that. Linking will be less confusing to users than an iframe.

Edited: 2016-09-07, 06:34

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