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Topic: Ship explore buttons

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Posted at: 2016-08-24, 21:01

Am i the only one having problems to click the right button?

  • A ship find an island
  • Click one of the explore buttons
  • make other things
  • The ship will find a port space but you switch to the ship again and want to explore more of the island without building a port.

Every time i have to think about which button i have chosen before, Clockwise or Counter clockwise? I have to read the tooltip to find the right button. I think the images used on the buttons are not clear (at least for me). So i am asking if some one else have the same problems?

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Posted at: 2016-08-24, 23:00

Yes, I have to think about the same thing when I want to continue with exploration around island. The buttons might be changed if somebody has some good proposal.

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Posted at: 2016-08-29, 16:39

I think the problem is that one has to take a long look at the buttons to get which is which. So, an image redesign might do the trick.

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