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Topic: Libre, not gratis and open-source

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Posted at: 2016-01-02, 23:30

You completly miss the point:

1-I was not speaking of renaming the game "LibreSettlers"

2- open-source and gratis doesn't mean same thing of libre, libre is in sens of liberty, freedom, that say you can do what you want with the program.

Open-source is used alot by companies who sell private software, and will use theyr users for do theyr job of reporting errors/exploit/etc, on the programs they sell.

Open-source mean you can read the source, not you can modify, distribute, copy, etc...

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Posted at: 2016-01-02, 23:31

Venatrix wrote:

I never heard the term "libre" in context with a program, except the name LibreOffice. face-tongue.png
So I don’t even understand the discussion, because "free and open source" tells me it’s gratis and open source (which both is great), so why using a term not everybody understands without looking at Wikipedia or whereever?

You can tell me if I missed the point.

I agree with this.... Most "normal people" would be confused what that world means.

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Posted at: 2016-01-02, 23:49

I was thinking that Open source means at me can do changes and let it back... Oh sorry, if i am wrong... So, which one was that is then...?

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Posted at: 2016-01-03, 00:10

Open source means you can get the source code and change it to your liking. But it doesn’t say much about further rights. It depends strongly on the lincense, whether you can only use the changed code in private, in other open source projects or even in closed source projects. That’s how I understand it. So saying "Widelands is free, open source" and pointing to the license should be enough to understand the user rights by everybody.

And I never said anything about renaming Widelands, just that I know only one case where the word "libre" is used with a program. And only in the name.

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Posted at: 2016-01-03, 10:54

I my mind libre is missing the point too. It is not libre - the GPL gives very precise (and pretty tight) bounds on what you can or cannot do with the Widelands source code. And that Widelands is GPLed is on the about page - one click away from the main page. GPL is the exact description, better than "libre" "free as in free speech and free beer" or "open source".

That said - any of the less precise terms is plenty enough for the introduction page - because most people do not care in detail. If they care, all information they need is readily available in the repo or on the about page. I think this conversation is mostly bike shedding and I think we should focus on more impactful matters again.

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