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Topic: performance

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Posted at: 2009-06-22, 17:17

In the later stages of playing large maps, performance slows to a crawl on the computer I'm using at present. It's been down to 5 seconds per frame, and no, I didn't mean to say 5 frames per second. It isn't a fast computer (WinXP, Pentium Dual CPU E2180 @2GHx, 2Gb ram), and I don't need any advice (two solutions are obvious- smaller maps, bigger computer) but I would like to share two observations which might help the developers.

  1. Saving the game, then reloading it, speeds up the game, for a while..
  2. There appears to be a correlation between road congestion and framerate- higher congestion gives a lower framerate.

Regarding congestion, I'm assuming that a lot of processor time goes into pathfinding for those poor carriers wearing out their boots in the congestion, and perhaps a simple (temporary) fix would be to increase the stack size at the road junctions. Perhaps..

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Posted at: 2009-06-22, 18:30

Hi egg,

I don't want to be too enthusiastic - especially because you are right with (1) and (2) - but at least Problem (2) got some fixing in latest development version, which should speed up things a lot.

Let's see what build14 will bring face-smile.png

Cheers Nasenbaer

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