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Topic: a clarification on exhausted mines

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Nordfriese wrote:

Moin Fantastory and welcome to the forums face-smile.png

Exhausted shallow and medium mines produce ores with a 5% chance and the more expensive deepest mines still have a 10% chance. The speed of mines is independent of whether they are empty or not. Therefore when using exhausted mines, shallow mines are the most cost-efficient and medium mines the least. Hope this helps face-smile.png

Sorry to say but this is only half of the story. barbarian and frisian deepest mines have a chance of 10% on each mining try. atlantean and empire have 5% per try as every other mine. The differnce in mines is not only in food cost but also in how many tries ae attempted to mine (e.g. 5 tries for barbarian deeper coalmine) the xact delivery of wares per input can be found in the in game help per ware for the tribe played so you could decide which is most efficient in your case and state of economy. deeper mines are generally a bit faster as well

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