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Topic: Widelands B18 development visualized

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Posted at: 2013-10-19, 11:27

Hey, for the final release of b18 i am planning a Gource video which visualizes the source code changes from b17 to b18. Here are my first 2 experiments:

For the second one i've disabled the bloom effect and changed files disappear after some seconds. Which one do you like more?

For the final version i'll replace all mail addresses with nicknames (like in the first example), i forgot to do so for the second try. These videos are not listed on youtube, only accessible by direct link. I will delete them in a few weeks. The final version will be listet in the widelands channel (i hope so).

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Posted at: 2013-10-19, 15:38

In my opinion the second one is clear. But at the end I would make the whole bloom like in other movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nQaaG6WRJ4

Is it possible to do?

Your idea of building Widelands is great! face-smile.png

Edited: 2013-10-19, 15:39

calculations & maps packages: http://wuatek.no-ip.org/~rak/widelands/
backup website files: http://kartezjusz.ddns.net/upload/widelands/

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Posted at: 2013-10-19, 19:46

I also like the idea itself very much, and from your videos, the second one I like much better.

I would make the appearance of the person symbols with their names a little bit longer if that's possible, don't ask me why, it is just a feeling. Just make them fade out a little later?

And in those both videos, I see the timestamps are screwed, it is switching between months back and forth.

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Posted at: 2013-10-20, 18:16

That is pretty cool - though I do not fully understand what I see there. I did a similar Video for one of the first Wihacks, but I never uploaded it to youtube. I didn't know that there is a Widelands youtube channel - where can I find it?

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Joined: 2009-02-20, 17:05
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Posted at: 2013-10-20, 19:14

This software was used: https://code.google.com/p/gource/

Dots represent files, the graph lines are representing the folders. I've used a setting of 0.5s/day, but it the program automatically skips idle times when no commits were done.

I think the date jumping is a result of merges which are done at one point and include older code commits.

The second video was done with the following setting:

"c:\bin\gource\gource.exe" --output-framerate 25 --seconds-per-day 0.5 --auto-skip-seconds 0.1 
--file-idle-time 20 --multi-sampling -1280x720 -stop-at-end --elasticity 0.1 -c 4.0 --disable-bloom 
--hide filenames --logo c:\data\bzr\widelands\trunk\pics\wl-ico-128.png 
--output-ppm-stream widelands.ppm log.xml

Let's see what i can produce till b18 face-wink.png ....

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Posted at: 2013-10-20, 20:14


I need less fish :-(
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Posted at: 2013-10-22, 12:56

Turn off fishery face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2013-12-26, 18:12

Hi, Tino!

Saw that Kind of Visulization first Time and first Point I got aware is that WL-Devleopment is extreme cool. face-grin.png

I am not experienced with that Kind of (Prensentation) of Informations and therefore assume I am qualified to express partial Perspective of Mayority of potential Viewers (Community). First own Opinion is that I like the first Video much more than the second but aiming Opinion of Mayority: What the Heck does all these Things mean used to represent what? I personally miss Kind of Knowledge to understand what these Symbolic GObjects represent generally (oh, that's Branch ... and that, too?) and what especially (that's the new Wow-wow-wow-Branch, ya know?). Would like to see for new Branch (were there multile, weren't there?) Kind of colored Frame with BIG CAPITALS what that Branch is resp some MetaInformation to explain what's going on. As Resume I can just say would that Video show a Game I would now try to download it but intended as Kind of Documentation and Representation of Progress what happend for R18 I miss many brief (sure, I did already heard that curious Expression brief) Informations which aims to render technical BackGround what did happen there. EG there come up another small Branch and disappeared after short Period of Time. Now I wonder what was tried there resp was it even accomplished.

Brief: please change by arbitrary Meanings that this really cool looking Video changes into Video that additionally explain/report Changes that happened there incl brief BackGround ( Foo tried Branch to do that but Approach/Idea/Bar failed due to whatever resp successed and moved into which other Branch).

I don't have an Idea what really did happen there, but would I have to accomplish that I pleased you, then I would have to know what happened there and then would as Approach-B take any other SW to process the Video-Stream eg by adding SubTitles and draw named Frames to declare new Branches or important Activities like a Reporter tries to explain Soccer-Match in TV where Spectators see the Field but perhaps have lesser Ideas what happens there. It's not about Style but Aim.

Heard something like WL-Video-Channel ... face-smile.png However, if necessary Data still available would suggest to feed Gourcer with that Data to complete Documentation of WL-Development. Aside of nice looking Stuff it can well render Development-History, Dynamics etc chaning actual Moment of WL SW for NewComers into easy consumable Video-Lib. From ReSpective I would miss Kind of Feature-Tree and Feature-HighLithing when realised from what Activity to enable Watcher to get Idea what it took to make eg Menu-Items give Icon replacing literal Explanation (which perhaps returned later as Kind of Tool-Tip).

My Idea is about that GRCs that they look interesting and (pot) informative and would give me as Consumer Feeling those Guys know they are doing and work on a cool Game no Matter if InterimStates of Game, while new Features get added etc, left Gaps for this or that to make WL as Product more mated resp grinded. I won't invest many Mill Bucks into Production of such Video-Material but that CommandLine with Parameters looks for me (almost..) like for free. (you may think about last Point totally different! face-wink.png So Congratulation from me for that Kind of Contribution as I see pot large ROI from moderate Investment. I did not think about Stuff like that before and would write brief Thread to explain how cool it is.

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